Spinach Goat Cheese Turkey Burgers {with a kick!}

turkey burgers-9252

This was one of those “throw together Tuesday night” kind of meals for us last week.

I was feeling really tired and didn’t feel much like cooking so I defrosted some ground turkey that I had stashed in the freezer last month and threw together these easy burgers! They actually turned out really, really great so I decided to post them on here after all. Actually, while we were eating, Adam was like, “you’re blogging about these, right?” I told him no…and he said, “well, you really should!” So I did. I hope you like them as much as we did!

I made a version of these a few years ago that used feta cheese, which you guess seemed to really like a lot. Having eaten both now, I have to say I like these better! I’m a huge goat cheese lover and these healthy burgers are just stuffed with it.

The “kick” comes from a heavy sprinkle of Tony Chachere’s — my favorite seasoning. You can find Tony’s in the ...

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