Pasta with Ham and Peas


Every year, for the last 30 years at least, my parents and the neighbors on their small cul de sac throw a holiday party. The party used to be the progressive sort—appetizers at one house, the main at another, dessert and coffee at another. These days, given that most of the revelers are now in their 80s, we keep the festivities to one house. It’s always a lot of fun, with plenty of stories both old and new, told or retold with great relish each year.

As often the case with gatherings such as this, you are never quite sure how many people you will have showing up. It’s the holidays, which means that friends and relatives will cancel or appear at the last minute. So even if you know for sure that certain people are coming, you’re not entirely sure about their companions, and neither are they.

Are we having 14 people over? Or 20? This is why that in addition to the enchiladas I brought to our recent neighborhood holiday party I also brought a glazed ham. The great thing about a ham, is that if it ...

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