Oatmeal Cookie Nut Butter

Oatmeal Cookie Nut Butter | www.thehealthyfoodie.com

I think I have an obsession with nut butters. Or more like a real passion for them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to eat every new batch that I make, I think that I could easily come up with a different flavor combination every single day.

Yes, I like my nut butters that much. Maybe I should open a Nut Butter Factory!

To make matters worse, I tend to make rather large batches. I find it easier to work with fairly large amounts of nuts: when you use too little, all they want to do is climb against the walls of the food processor and you constantly have to stop the motor to push them down.

When you have a good amount, however, scraping is reduced to a minimum as the larger mass takes care of pushing itself down.

I wanted this latest concoction of mine to taste and feel just like Oatmeal Cookie Dough, so I figured it needed to have a whole ...

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