Embarrassingly Easy Chocolate Covered Grape Skewers.

embarrassingly easy chocolate covered grape skewers I howsweeteats.com

I’m only mildly horrified that I’m telling you to dip fruit in chocolate and then calling it a “recipe.”

But I say “mildly,” because these are so darn good and if you’re not doing this already, you must must must. These may take over chocolate covered strawberries as my favorite “healthy dessert.”

You know. When there’s fruit… there’s health.

I won’t beat around the bush: all you gotta do is wash and thoroughly dry some plump grapes. How do we feel about the word “plump”? I rather like it. But I think it might evoke the same emotions in some that “moist” does.

Sorry. I’m really into quotation marks today.

Once the grapes are washed and dried, I skewer them – they are easiest to serve this way at parties! – then dip in chocolate (my preference is milk, obviously) and drizzle with white chocolate.

Because it’s pretty!

These are so simple to make for guests – and you can not only make them ahead of time, but you can make ...

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