Cooked Chicken, Broccoli and Apple Salad

Cooked Chicken Salad |

Remember how, when I shared the recipe for my Cold Nordic Shrimp Salad, I said that I had to come up with more similar salads so I could take them to the box as post workout meals on those days when I work out late and can’t get back home on time to eat within my feeding window?

Well, this Cooked Chicken Salad is definitely one of them!

And just like the aforementioned salad, this one too will be added to my regular rotation! For seriously, as far as salads go, they don’t get much more filling and satisfying than this one!

Or tasty, for that matter!

It’s loaded, but I do mean LOADED with pieces of soft, juicy, tender cooked chicken, which are agreeably accompanied by refreshing pieces of cooked broccoli, crisp red apple, sweet dried apricots, salty olives, crunchy, nutty almonds and crispy, smokey BACON!. All these lovely ingredients are then brought together with a slightly sweet, tangy, zesty and ...

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